Choosing a Name for Your Beauty Salon

Choose A Salon NameThe beauty industry is a highly competitive one, with new beauty salons, mobile salons and nail bars opening up all over the place. Whether you're in the process of opening up a brand new salon or re-branding an existing business, you'll want to give it an appealing, memorable name.

It's fair to say that the name of your beauty salon can be one of the factors that determine whether your business will be a success or a failure. Without further adieu, here are our top tips for naming your beauty salon:

1. A good salon name is easy for clients to remember, as well as representing the level and attitude of your service appropriately.

2. The key to naming your salon lies in picking a name that reflects the brand image you want to portray, helping to set the culture and atmosphere of your salon. Furthermore, it's highly important for the name to suit your desired clientèle.

3. There are several options to brainstorm when it comes to finding the perfect name for your business. You want your salon to stand out among the competition.

4. Come up with a name that jumps out at passers-by and you're guaranteed to get people talking, especially if you are looking to target a younger, more hip audience.

5. If you're short of ideas, try playing around with beauty-related verbs.

6. With a memorable, daring name, you're more likely to attract potential clients, who will immediately assume that the owner is a creative, imaginative person.

7. For a more personal touch, consider naming your salon after yourself. This is a good option for mobile salons and it works especially well if you have a name that allows for a clever play on words or a bit of rhyming action.

8. Don't forget to update your stationary...

We have done a bit research for you, and below you can find the names that we love the most. What do you think?

– The Makeover Place
– Bombshell Studio
– Heavenly Bodies
– Strip (for a waxing salon)
– Wax Works
– Eastern Beauty
– Hands-On Beauty
– Ooh La La Beauty
– Professionail
– You Got Nailed

At the end of the day, it's very important to be objective when naming your beauty salon. While you might like a particular name, the main thing is for your target audience to like it!