About Online Kit Orders

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Students are responsible for ordering, paying and receiving their own kits, lecturers just need to tell the students which kit to order and they go and do the rest themselves. Online ordering makes the kit process much quicker, more efficient and hassle free for lecturers.

No more chasing students for kit payment!

Order kits online
  • Quick, efficient and hassle free.

  • Once you have confirmed your kit contents we will give your college a dedicated page on our website where students can login, select their kit and pay securely.

  • The kit will then be delivered direct to the student, freeing up the lecturers' valuable time.

  • For more details on how to make your student kit payments and delivery very easy call us now!

" Beauty Express has offered our college a high standard of service, providing speedy response to orders, quotation requests and exceptional customer service which is enhanced by their friendly and helpful staff."

Alison Irwin, Beauty Therapy Course Co-ordinator, Northern Regional College Ballymoney