Essential And Innovative Equipment For Your Salon

With so much salon furniture and equipment to choose from, picking what you need for your business can be tricky. However, the wide range of choice that's now available for beauty professionals means that it's never been easier to find something that suits your budget and your style, that fuses comfort with innovative technology. Here's some tips on purchasing essential salon equipment.
Comfortable salon furniture for your customers
When your clients enter your salon, you'll want to put them at their ease as quickly as possible. One of the many ways you can help them relax is by ensuring that your salon's equipped with comfortable furniture and accessories. This ergonomically designed Semplice chair is ideal for treatment rooms, while this Latina chair has a hydraulic adjustment feature and arm rests that make it perfect for hairdressing clients.
Elsewhere, the Turin Spa Beauty Couch is pricey but it's exactly what your salon needs to make sure your beauty clients are completely relaxed. And don't forget about your nail clients either – the Nailpillo is a premier handrest made from memory foam to guarantee maximum hand comfort. It's even available in four different stylish colours.
Salon equipment for the professional
But it's not just your clients' comfort that matters in a salon – your beauticians, therapists and hairdressers need some love too. Look for lightweight hairdryers with handles that are designed to make stylists' hands feel at home, like the Diva Professional Styling Ultima 5000 Pro Hairdryer. And if your salon does a regular trade in facial waxing and threading, a set of LED spectacles with lenses might be just what your beauticians need to make their lives that much easier.
It's not just about the equipment either: your stylists will also appreciate effective storage units to tidy away all their gadgets and accessories. Consider investing in something like the Younge trolley – a mobile beauty unit with four drawers, glide locking castors and durable chrome legs – or make up boxes with plenty of space inside.