Halloween Nail Art

Updated: 28/10/2013

Halloween is just around the corner and it's time to pull out all the stops and get creative with some seriously spooky nail art. Nails add the finishing touch to any costume and offer the chance for nail artists to let their imagination run wild. When it comes to Halloween, there are no rules - the weird and wackier the better. To give you some nail inspiration, we have created this handy guide to get your creative juices flowing...

Get creative

If a customer comes to your beauty salon looking for some nail art to go with their Halloween costume, it will be up to you to get your creative cap on. Talk to them about their costume, their chosen theme and the colours and use this as a basis to plan what type of nail art you are going to do. If they are dressing up as a witch, think greens, purples, cats and bats. If they are dressing up as a ghost, think blacks, whites, spiders and cobwebs.

If they don't have a costume and simply want something a little different for Halloween, try going for an orange base coat with an overlaying black crackle or splatter. This is one way to create a simple but effective marble look. To create this look, try using Jaipur from the Mavala collection combined with Attitude FX black crackle polish or use a straw to create the splatter effect.

Tools of the trade

It takes a very steady hand to draw a spider web on a nail and an even steadier one to draw a spider. But if done successfully, the two combined make for a perfect Halloween look. But there are tools that can make your life that little bit easier. Our special effects/dotting tool can be used for intricate detailing and effects. Ruby red rhinestones can also be used to create a dramatic blood-like effect whilst adding a touch of sparkle to the nail.

For a simple but effective look, try using a black sparkle polish as the base coat on all nails apart from one on each hand. Use the two bare nails as a blank canvas to create an intricate motif. For example, you could use white polish and draw on the silhouette of a cat or bat.

It's a good idea to have some ideas like these up your sleeve for customers who come to your salon looking for something special for Halloween. Why don't you try some of them out and share the final product with us on our Facebook page?