Top 10 makeup brushes for perfect application

Makeup brushes will allow you to achieve a flawless make-up look time and time again. Whether you're just starting out and have only the make-up essentials, or if your salon is filled with beauty bags bursting at the seams with every beauty brand on the market, no make-up kit is complete without a few brushes. Why not view our complete range of professional makeup brushes?  We've a wide selection available, so make sure your beauty bag is fully kitted out!

Makeup Brushes For The Eye Area

Flat Eyeliner Brush

Use this with gel eye liners to define the eyes. The flat or angled edge allows you to reach right in and along the lash line.

Eye Shadow Brush

This type of brush will provide excellent coverage to the eyelids. Use this to apply an all over colour with any type of eye shadow.

Eyebrow Brush & Comb

Having groomed eyebrows is the key to looking put together. Use this brush to smooth down brows, or for taking the clumps out of mascara on lashes. Use the brush to sweep powder through the brows and really make them pop.
Makeup Brushes For The Face

Foundation Brush

By lifting and sweeping on the foundation these makeup brushes give a much more covered finish. It will allow you to blend in foundation, making your client's face look flawless. Try to clean this brush every day, it’s an added inconvenience but it will keep your application smooth.

Blusher Brush

This brush is much more important than you might think. The small brush that comes supplied with most blushers just won’t cut it if you want precision blusher application. Invest in a good blusher brush that sweeps your blusher perfectly along  the cheekbones and your makeup application will really up its game.
Concealer Brush 

The best concealer brushes are small and not too soft, allowing you to apply and blend the concealer exactly where it's needed.

Kabuki Brush  

Kabuki brushes are really distinctive looking with their short handles and long thick bristles. This is great for buffing powder onto the skin in a circular motion, leaving skin with an airbrushed glow. As a bonus it’s easy to use and almost impossible to get it wrong.

Makeup Wedges

While not technically a brush the makeup wedge with its tapered tip is great for applying foundation in those harder to reach or sensitive areas around the eyes and nose.

Fan Brush

The fan brush is perfect for wiping off excess powder, highlighting, blending and even for applying blush. This is one brush that offers dozens of uses.
Makeup Brushes for Lips

Lip Brush

It’s easy to underestimate the benefits of using a lip brush. You can use a lip brush to achieve interesting and precise looks or just to make sure your client's lipstick is applied more accurately. It will also help to keep lip stick nicer for longer.

Lip Liner Brush

An accompaniment to the lip brush, this makeup brush is perfect for achieving a precise line when applying lip liner, giving your clients a fuller mouth. It's also a great brush for ensuring that lipstick doesn't smudge after application.