Prepare To Bare: Hair Removal Tips For The Summer Holiday Season.

Whether it's for a sunny spell at home or a beach holiday abroad, salons often see a sharp rise in waxing appointments when the summer season approaches. And now that summer is officially here, it's a good idea to make sure your salon waxing kit is complete. But what exactly do your customers want from a waxing treatment in 2014? We take a look at some of this season's likely trends.
Bikini waxes
After years of dominance, Brazilian bikini waxes seem to be waning in popularity this year, if the tabloids' take on fashion trends is to be believed. However, Brazilians haven't been totally forgotten about. Instead, the most recent  favourite amongst hip New Yorkers is a 'full bush Brazilian' – a Brazilian which leaves pubic hair at the front untouched, but still removes the hair underneath – and it's soon expected to make its way over to this side of the Atlantic.
So it's a good idea to ensure you've got all your sensitive bikini waxing essentials –Stripless Hot Film Wax, for instance, is a well-loved hot wax treatment among clients and beauticians, and is great whether it's for intimate waxing treatments or for simply tidying up a few loose ends.
Leg waxing
Unlike bikini waxes, leg waxing is rarely affected by trends – make sure you're ready for the busy season by stocking up on basics, like wax strips, wax spatulas and plenty of after-wax lotion to soothe legs faster. Try making small changes to increase your capacity too, like investing in a new double wax pot heater if you've only had singles on the go in winter. Or, look for crème wax which has a lower melting point than ordinary wax – so you'll not only be ready for the next client sooner, you'll also be able to give them a more comfortable experience.