China Glaze EverGlaze Extended Wear Nail Polish - Rose Water 14ml

157277 - Rose Water
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£3.56 per 10ml
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Features & benefits
  • High-performance, extended-wear lacquer
  • Durable, self-fusing formula
  • Hybrid between lacquer and gel
  • Effortless application
  • Lasts for up to 10 days
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  • Colour:
    • Rose Water Rose Water
    • Paint My Piggies Pink Paint My Piggies Pink
    • Will You Be Mine? Will You Be Mine?
    • Adrenaline Rush Adrenaline Rush
    • Current Crush Current Crush
    • Rose Water Rose Water
    • Pretty Poppy Pretty Poppy
    • What's the Coral-ation? What's the Coral-ation?
    • Rose to the Occasion Rose to the Occasion
    • Beach Beige Beach Beige
    • Cash-merely There Cash-merely There
    • White Noise White Noise
    • A Toast to You A Toast to You
    • NY Slate of Mind NY Slate of Mind
    • Make the Moss of it Make the Moss of it
    • Navy Night Navy Night
    • Back to Black Back to Black
    • Blush Much Blush Much
    • I Wanna Be Your Lava I Wanna Be Your Lava
    • Tomato Tomatoe Tomato Tomatoe
    • Taken for Pomegranate Taken for Pomegranate
    • Royal Satin Royal Satin
    • Fig-ure it Our Fig-ure it Our
    • I'm Not Bordeaux I'm Not Bordeaux
    • French Press French Press
Delivery Lead Time: Available for next day delivery
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EverGlaze is the next wave of nail technology featuring a variety of high-performance, extended-wear lacquer colours and finishes. The durable, self-fusing formula offers today s polishista a hybrid between lacquer and gel, providing gel-like results without the curing or removal processes, in an effortless two-step system. The result is strong, glossy nails with major staying power for up to 10 days.

Why EverGlaze? EverGlaze is an extended-wear nail lacquer system that delivers up to 10 days of gel-like shine in just two easy steps. No UV/LED light or base coat needed!


Prep: Buff nail plate to remove any shine from nails. Make sure to wash hands thoroughly before applying a thin, single layer of EverGlaze Prep for improved adhesion of lacquer.

Apply two thin layers. While holding the brush at a slight angle above the nail, touch lacquer down in the centre of the nail plate, gliding down the nail in a single swiping motion, making sure to seal the free edge of the nail.

Apply a single layer of EverGlaze Active Top Coat with the same technique as lacquer application, being sure to seal the free edge of the nail. Allow the system to cure in natural light, to get the lasting power of gel without the hassle.

Tip: If lacquer gets on skin, be sure to detail surrounding area with polish remover. EverGlaze Active Top Coat must be completely dry before applying any cuticle oil. To change colour, remove easily with polish remover.

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