Professional Make Up Brushes

High quality make-up brushes are a vital tool for all beauticians and make-up artists. Our professional brush selections use both the finest natural hair and synthetic fibres, perfect for applying all powders and liquids for a flawless make-up finish.
Beauty Express stock a selection of professional make-up brushes for each stage of the application. Choose from a selection of foundation, concealer and large powder brushes to create a flawless base for your client’s makeover. Use an angled cheek brush to apply blush or bronzer and contour the cheekbones. For the eyes, we have a selection of angled eye shadow, blending, eyeliner brushes and mascara applicators to enhance and define the client’s eye area. Using a lip brush will allow you to apply lipstick or lip-gloss with accuracy and precision. Beauty Express stocks professional make-up brush ranges that use the finest natural sable and goat hair, and also revolutionary synthetic hair which mimics the performance and feel of the finest natural hair, with all the benefits of manufactured fibres.